Volakas white marble slabs

Volakas white marble slabs are good for cutting into floor tiles, wall tiles, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity , worktops , various furniture tops .

Sales promotion in April , 2021

Volakas white marble slabs
Quantity: 350 m2
Price : USD 15/m2, FOB China

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There are always volakas white marble blocks and slabs in our stock.

Slabs sizes :

2400 mm up x 1200 mm up

Thickness: 16 mm, 18 mm, 20 mm etc.

We also supply super thin marble and granite panels , thickness 8mm ~9mm , they are good for external wall panels.

Latest Works

Volakas marble Thin panels

For wall facing special wall thin panels are often used, their thickness is about 6-10 mm. Thickness of the stone plate itself (without backing) is 5-8 mm. Production of thin panels is a complicated technological process which consists of several stages. First, backing of the future panel is stuck on big slabs (slabs are stone blocks brought from the quarry). After that the stone is sawn. Thus, a stone plate several milimeters thick is glued with backing. Afterwards the panel is finished — polished and ground.
We can supply 8mm~9 mm thickness thin panels in size 1200 mm x 2400 mmm , which is good for countertops and tub surround.